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Tue, September 11, 2012


Hello Martinsville Garden Club members! As your Flower Shows Chairman, it is my job to keep you informed about the results of our flower shows. It is with great pleasure that I relate these resent details that occurred in Fairfax for the Lily Show!
I included a lot of info to let you know what a fun and learning experience it is to go to a flower show and help out your club
Procuring is the heart of any good arrangement. "If you don't have the goods, you can't produce." We want to thank these girls for going to the trouble to pick, condition, and bring the many stems that are required for a large period arrangement: Julia DeShazo, Jackie Compton, Coates Clark, and Lucy Wilson.
Sue Rosser and I took off from our Lily Chairman Jackie Compton's house very early on Tuesday morning in Sandy Martin's huge car with her at the wheel for 5 housr. That petite girl can really drive well in crowded Norther Virginia!

We went straight to work at the work tables provided at The Church of the Good Shepherd. While Sue and Sandy go started on our interclub which had to be "a late colonial arrangement reflecting the desire of the Vestry to make the new church (Pohick Church) as splendid and pleasant as possible," I began the individual moribana arrangement I was attemping. It had to feature water and reflect the serenity of Lake Anne and the surrounding landscape." I entered a few lilies in the horticultural sections also.

Sandy did a smart thing. She was our helper in every way. Since the arrangement had to be seen from all sides, the back would be exposed eventhough it is only judged from the front at a distance of 3 feet. So Sandy took our "second string" flowers and arranged the back to help out and get valuable experience! We all were having fun and enjoying being in a large room with women from all over the state doing their various arrangements. Plus men were there entering horticulture. The
room smelled divine! The arrangement was put on the pedestal in the showroom in order to hold it in the coolest room. They keep it cool and practically dark to protect the flowers.
Meanwhile we checked into our hotel rooms at The Mason Inn on the George Mason University campus. We had a delicious seafood dinner and relaxed before falling into bed pretty tired.
The next morning we got to the church with one hour to "tweak" our arrangement. This is a crucial time because the judges have 13 arrangements vying for the blueribbon, so they have to be "picky" in order to eliminate. We felt that some of our pink lilies were looking "tired". We had some replacements but needed just a few more. We saw and were chatting with our Garden Study friends who had finished their French Rococo arrangement. They gave us plenty of their un-needed pink lilies! Our line had to be triangular, so we clipped and adjusted every little stem until we felt that it was at last finished. Ladies kept coming up and saying they thought we would get a ribbon. We looked at the long row of the other gorgeous entries. We'll see....
We then ate our little breakfast in the empty workroom with lovely choices from the Fairfax club and left while the judging took place. What do women do to kill time?
We shopped !
Finally the show opened. Ribbons for arrangements are placed as winners are announced. First the horticulture winners were announced. ( My best stem of lilies won a blue ribbon and a red for another. ) Well, that's nice, but let's get to the meat of the show...the arrangements. As they announced the results, Sandy grabbed us in a group hug
and said she just saw a blue ribbon being placed on our pedestal! It was announced that The Martinsville Garden Club had won the first place for our Interclub section!
Sue went up on stage to get the trophy cup. Then she had to stay up there with the winners from the other 3 sections of interclub winners. They announced the overall winner of the interclubs which was an early Georgian all white gorgeous arrangement from the Franklin Garden Club.
My sister, Janie Vaughan, from Lynchburg was there competing, and she hurried up to me and said that they had just put a blue ribbon by my oriental Moribana arrangement. So I also went up on stage to receive my trophy cup! Our group
was definitely on a high
As Sandy drove us home, we agreed the best thing about the experience was the team effort. Jackie got it organized, had a roomful of choices of vases, pastel muted colors of flowers were brought in by several members, Sue and Sandy arranged with Sandy being the gofer with registration and container return. I helped out with advise and tweaking at the end. On top of everything, it was a fun experience!
All the best to each member
Lucy Wilson
Flower Shows Chairman

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